Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover PC Suite Free Download

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Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover PC Suite Free Download PC suite is also known as Samsung Kies software. The software is installed on the phone and it is connected to Windows PC or Mac. This enables easy updates, sharing files, sync contacts among other functions. Kies will give you such features as enhanced speed, improved functionality and Android software updates.

The key features for the Samsung Kies software include:

  • Data backup – the software allows the user to copy files in an external location when transferring files. This feature protects the files and helps easy backup.
  • Synchronizing – Contact in Google, outlook and yahoo can be synchronized between the phone and PC using this software. One can also synchronize, photos, videos and playlist which enhances your entertainment experience.
  • Notifications – when online the software will notify the user when new applications arise and will ease the updates for the old ones.
  • File exchange – Samsung users can exchange files between the PC and the phone which makes the application practical.
  • Multi-media management – the software gives the user freedom when it comes to multimedia management. One can manage the photo albums, create slide shows for the photos, created audio playbacks and visualize videos.

The following system requirements are needed to enable installation:

  • RAM of 1GB with 500MB hard drive disk when using windows and 100MB for the MAC OS.
  • The processor should be 1.8 GHz or more.
    The 10th version of Media Player is required and a screen resolution of 32 bit or more.

Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover PC Suite Free Download PC suite free download is available here: click here. The Kies software will guide you with the installation process once you download it. Once install use the USB cable to connect your PC to your Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover PC Suite Free Download.

The latest version of Kies allows you to connect to the phone using Wi-Fi and synchronize it. The software has intuitive graphic user interface making it easy to create a bridge between your phone and the PC.

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