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Samsung Galaxy S5With the new S5 Samsung has introduced several new features, including making it dust proof and water resistant. These reasons alone will make your life easier as the slogan suggests. The screen is 5.1 inch and is High Definition that uses the amuled type display taking the full HD experience to a whole level.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with the new fast auto focus, this means that you can make your action photo’s sharper and even faster. With the new HDR function the pictures that you take with the fast auto focus will have better color settings. This function is not turned on with standard settings so you will have to turn it on manually.

With the improved photo options comes the selective focus. This option will select a part of the picture and make that the vocal point of the picture. While some of these options were already available in the S4 they have been updated to work with the new 16 megapixel camera that comes with the Samsung galaxy S5.

Everybody is worried about their health these days and the people at Samsung included a heart monitor. This brand new feature is accessible from the main menu. When you start the app it will ask you to put your finger on the back of the phone just under the camera. There is a sensor that will measure your heart rate. The Samsung Health app will track how many steps you took and at what speed you are going. It can even tell you when you are too slow and to pick up your speed so you will be able to hit the distance you want to go in a certain time. This feature will of course allow you to listen to your own music for relaxation.

The download booster will give you the ability to double your internet speed by combining LTE and Wifi together.

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