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The Mega 6.3 is clearly an evolution of the Galaxy S4 design. With rounded corners and a curved back, it is every bit a Samsung device and carries forward the same design philosophy, however the roundness is more akin to the Note II than the Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 PC Suite Free DownloadWe have the black version here, which actually looks really good. Coupled with a pitch black display and a chrome rim, it actually looks like a super slick slab. There is also a familiar pattern on the front that shows up in good light and fades away otherwise, and is very much like the Galaxy S4 in black. There is a pattern on the back too but it is too glossy and cheap to be considered good.

The front is dominated by the 6.3 inch 720p display which has deep blacks even when turned off. Above the display you have the grilled ear piece, the 1.9 MP front facing camera, the usual couple of sensors and the LED notification light. You can also notice the subtle texture here. Below the display you have the hardware home button which has a nice brushed look and chamfered edges. The other two shortcuts are capacitive shortcuts for back and menu that light up when pressed. The Mega 6.3 is slightly unsymmetrical on the front, with the bottom bezel shorter than the top, so it gives an illusion of it narrowing down to the bottom when it is actually not. We found it to be kinda distracting. Over at the right side you have the lone power/lock switch that is comfortably placed lower for an easier reach. The volume rocker is placed lower too, but on the left side, and both these buttons are made of the same cheap plastic as the sides. They have good tactile feedback though.

The display on the Mega 6.3 is also the USP of this device. Measuring 6.3 inches in diagonal, it provides ample amounts of screen real estate for full on media consumption. The technology behind the display is Samsung’s own Super Clear LCD and this time it’s a 16:9 1280×720 resolution display with approximately 233 ppi of pixel density. While this may be considered low for a modern phone, it is still very much acceptable and really good. Considering the fact that the Mega 6.3 is naturally used further away from the eyes due to the larger screen, the display actually feels like any other high density display we have seen and used and that is a good thing.

The cameras on the Galaxy Mega 6.3 are nothing special. It is neither a flagship nor a camera centric device, so our expectations were quite low. With a decent 8 megapixel sensor, and a f2.6 aperture lens, the camera sits on a bump at the back. Mainly because the device is extremely thin. Accompanying the camera is a single LED flash. It can record full HD 1920×1080 videos at 30 fps and has two mics to record the audio in stereo.

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