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LG KS10 PC Suite is a free management utility for LG mobile phones that can be used to sync and manage a wide range of multimedia content. Download the LG KS10 PC Suite free here: click here.

The free software lets you do the following:

  • Organize and reproduce your videos, photos, and music on your computer
  • Sync your data(calendar, media, contacts, bookmarks) from your smartphone to your PC vice versa
  • Make security backups of your favorite apps

LG KS10 PC Suite offers full compatibility with Windows operating system, including Windows 7, and Vista. The software is an official LG utility, meaning users will be getting regular updates from LG. PC Suite supports over 50 LG smartphone models.

How to use the LG KS10 LG PC Suite

Before beginning the sync process, make sure your smartphone battery is fully charged. The whole process consumes a lot of power and can easily drain a half-charged battery. If any interruption happens during the sync process, your PC’s and smartphone’s data can become corrupted.

To seamlessly sync your LG KS10 phone with your PC, do the following:

Step 1

Open your Web browser then navigate to the LG Mobile Phone Support website. Type in your smartphone’s model number inside the search box then click the number in the Model Name drop-down list. The web page displays various links to download PC Sync for your cell phone.

Step 2

Download PC Suite setup on your PC. PC Suite is quite a large app – more than 100MB – and might take several minutes to complete downloading, depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Step 3

Open Windows Explorer and locate the folder where you saved the PC Suite download. Double click on the file to launch the setup wizard. Follow the prompts to install PC Suite on your PC. Click Run LG PC Suite in the final window.

Step 4

Connect the data cable to your LG KS10 phone on one end, and a USB port in your PC on the opposite end. Give your PC a few seconds for Windows to detect your smartphone, then install the appropriate driver from the LG KS10 PC Suite program.

Step 5

Click the Synchronize button then wait for a few seconds for PC Suite to retrieve all your contacts, memo data, and calendar from your smartphone and import it. The LG PC Suite will display a confirmation window after it finishes importing your data.

Step 6

Click on the Manage Contacts icon in PC Suite to view all your imported data

You can use LG KS10 PC Suite to transfer your music, videos, and pictures to and from your smartphone. After connecting your smartphone to your PC, click on the Transfer Files button in PC Suite then drag and drop files from your PC to your phone and vice versa.

PC Suite

Hello Friends, this is a blog about PC Suites. You can check out the PC Suite Software of each and every mobile phones here.

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